Matthew P Munger

Life is a journey. Just keep moving.

Originally from Oklahoma City but have lived in the UK, Southern Africa, and am currently in Costa Rica. 

My family and I enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures. The world and its people are amazing!


What I do

Web Design

I build custom coded designs using WEBFlOW. Commerce sites built using a combination of SHOPIFY or Foxy and Webflow.

Media Design

My photography & videography is for sale exclusively on LIGHTSTOCK. Occasionally I still do some video editing and animation which was my main job for over 12 years.

Check out some of my portfolio of recent projects below or check out this information if you're needing a site of your own.

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What I like


All tech in general has long been a interest of mine. I've been a Mac user since the early 1990s. Loving the 100+ quality Mac apps on SETTAPP, and get all my web and email domains from HOVER if you'd like to give either of them a try.

Board Games

I've been interested since a young age, but it was difficult to find anyone to sit down for hours to play Risk, I started designing my own games. Sometime ago I was introduced to "euro games" as they're now called or "amazing German board games" as I referred to them back then. Still highly interested in BGs so I'm working on a website dedicated to them, GUIDE TO BOARD GAMES, and working on my own designs again. Find me on BOARD GAME GEEK.


It started out over ten years ago when I toyed with the idea of a coffee shop, got connected with my good friend's coffee co. G4C, and even roasted coffee myself for a while. Still love to roast whenever I get the chance. Love visiting coffee farms and seeing the process from bean to cup.

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What I've done

Guide To Board Games

This is an exciting personal project for me. I'm in the process of creating a website dedicated to board games featuring the best media content from high-quality sources so you can find the perfect game for yourself, your family, and friends.

Features: Custom Site, Multiple CMS

Coming Soon

Victory Church

This complex site had out grown the template solutions available. Now it features a mega menu to quickly access top and secondary pages within the site that update dynamically as content is added to the site every week. Further inside, each location gets its own sub-menu to keep visitors inside that location's pages. Pages with lots of content are quickly accessed via quick link buttons integrated into the header image.

Features: Custom Site, Multiple CMS, Dynamic Mega Menu

Open Site

Grounds 4 Compassion

This site shows off the capabilities of utilizing the Shopify buy button while building a custom CMS site with Webflow. The cart and pricing comes straight from Shopify but the design power of the Webflow CMS shines through as the design is dynamic and can present the products in different ways throughout the site. Some of the secondary pages such as the Conviction page have a flexible magazine style layout.

Features: Custom Site, eCommerce, CMS


City Center

This site got a recent refresh that uses the CMS to create dynamic promos that keep the homepage fresh, evolving, and up to date with current information. Those promos then trickle down to the appropriate secondary pages based on their category. Animated photography loop on the homepage offers a nice alternative to bandwidth hungry yet popular background videos.

Features: Custom Site, CMS, Animation


Rise Above Ministries

Mainly a single page site with a long scroll form. Some parallax effects and lots of background images create a textural and emotional tone for some serious subjects, yet as you scroll down the page it becomes lighter in both mood and color to project the hope that is to be found in the journey of recovery and healing.

Features: Custom Site, Long Scroll


Victory School of Leadership

What better way to attract high school and college age kids than with a vibrant and fun design. Starting with a long scroll homepage and emphasized with fun shapes and angles on the photography, visitors are enticed to apply with a strong call to action throughout the site.

Features: Custom Site, Sticky Navigation